NEOHR,  CHESTER,  DOMZ  AND  AMIEL

                      The History behind the SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Fraternity in Singapore:

The social networking sites and search engines yielded positive results of what has become the humble beginnings of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity in Singapore.

SAE Singapore Alumni was established in the month of June 21, 2008 & The four gentlemen met at  Avon Park Condo poolside, Youngberg Terrace, Upper Serangoon Road. The gentlemen: Brothers Chester Abong (Logistics); Amiel Borbon (Information Technology); Domz Silvio (Architecture); and Neohr Ocilotac (Media) made way for new possibilities and the creation of another home for the Epsilonian Eagle in the lion city of Singapore.

The first-ever informal meeting was also made successful through the support and effort of families and friends, who were around to give life to a dream. The first meeting was again followed by more meetings. As brothers and sisters come and go, one meeting led to another.

This humble beginning made every Epsilonian in this multicultural country-city proud and strong with a  vow to forever help and assist those brothers and sisters living and passing thru Singapore.

Today, as people come and go in this bustling metropolis and technology hub in southeast Asia, an Epsilonian can always be proud to tell the world that, indeed, the Epsilonian Eagle has landed. Thanks to the four gentlemen who made it happen!