A Volunteer Story – SAE Singapore Alumni Chapter

During our trip to Batam, Indonesia. We spent our days from Saturday to Sunday giving our time to a group children at an orphanage place. This was the most wonderful time we’ve had in our life in Indonesia. The kids at this project unfortunately do not have homes and most do not even have families to go to. But despite their past, these kids have the most positive attitude that we have ever seen in a child. They are full of joy, descipline and wonder and love. Our days were spent assisting some kids with homework giving their school supplies, or spent helping some with their English if they were interested, and of course we spent most of my time playing games! with them at KFC located at the heart of Batam and nothing could make their day better than going to the park, or outside for a quick. During the moment with them we did develop a close bond to these kids and we sadly had to watch some of them leave this wonderful place they called home.

From our experience with this project was a little bit emotionally hard from the relationships you develop with the kids and you’re sad to see them go. But the reality is these kids couldn’t have left any happier because of all the care and time we give them. SAE Singapore greatly missed the orphanage and the kids and the country itself! We are so happy and we do our part to share what we have and so very proud of the event  we have done. The trip has changed and make a great history in our life especially in our group and that we will never forget all those smiling faces that were a part of that.

SAE – Congratulations on your volunteer position with our charity program in Indonesia. It will be amazing and great experience for you. It should also be fun and “God Bless Us All… message from our Alumni Grand Epsilonian – Jhune Heso. (reporting live by: joeborgz)



All of us have a thousand wishes in our daily lives. To be thinner,  to be bigger, have more money & abundance in life, have a cool car, a day  off, a new phone and a high tech gadgets, to date the person to whom of your  dreams. However there are a lot handful of the misfortunate people and children  around the world whom their only wishes is to live to and to see tomorrow or to  see another days to come. Sometimes the beauty of life does not comes in seeing  what we have but rather what we can give from our hearts.

The Epsilonians in Singapore are working together driving a  charity drive to collect some school supplies/stationary and clothing for the  children in a local orphanage in Batam. Last year month of July & Sept., the  Group are managed to discussed with the school principal and the staff regarding  the distribution of the charity to help them of giving a little more to help the  children to have a better learning environment.
We would like to inform all Epsilonians in Singapore to refrain or  spare your extra time and effort during the charity drive to be schedule around  in Nov. 2011 or Jan. 2012 we will be collecting any form of stationary, foods  stuff that you would like to give away or any children clothing. We are welcome  to anybody from our friends and relatives for those who wanted to join our  program.
SAE Singapore would avoid any physical cash donation due to the  nature sensitivity and trust. However, if there is any amount that you would  like to chip in, we will be presenting you with a translated receipt, on where  the money is spend on and a thank you letter from the principal of the school as  proof. SAE Singapore will be leaving for Batam, Indonesia this coming JAN. 28 & 29, 2012  for the distribution of our materials. We hope to get as much support as we can  from SAEsg in this drive.
We hereby wish to thank you for your kind donation or any assistance  in spreading the news around and hope that we can gather the necessary for the  kids.
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