Sept 21, 2013 Former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos met SAE

The Philippine Embassy and the Filipino Community in Singapore meeting with the former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos discussing regarding the Philippine Economy and the current situatuion in Zamboanga City during the stand off by the MNLF rebels and talk about the real history in Mindanao during his term and especially during the terms of Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos regime. The former President straight away answers all the questions coming  from the filipinos and visitors who are concerned what really happened in Mindanao and the country Philippines itself.

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SAE Singapore Alumni Chapter an utmost calling an assistant or joint effort from the other group of any Filipino Community and the Philippine Embassy in Singapore may have to be extended and be done to alleviate the present situation of brother Filipinos who were victimized by “MARENG & HABAGAT” disaster which was so disastrous killings so many lives damaging properties and putting the affected and less fortunate people in so much problems and hardships in life, We appeal to the Government Agencies and the other Filipino Group in any part of the world to do their and extra utmost help in terms of foods, medicine, clothing and most of all financial assistance to carry out and meet some of the important and needed expenses, either for relocation making the family in a safe and stable living condition and suggesting that government may have to do some applicable measures to prevent the occurrence of such tragic natural disaster. We wish and look forward that everything for the good of our Kababayans who are affected in the calamities. As being an “EPSILONIANS” we do our part and always ” Open Arms” to everybody and willing to help whatever we can even though we are far away from our country land buts we still continued to extend our helping hand in anyways. “SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON” PHILIPPINES – INTERNATIONAL More power & God Bless long live…




SAE Singapore at Quality Hotel[1]



MAY 21,22 & 23, 2010 – SAE National Convention was held in Tagbilaran, Bohol

SEPTEMBER 9, 2010 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Philippines celebrates it’s 44th Founding Anniversary.

AUGUST 13, 2010 SAE Singapore urgent meeting at Orchard Road.

August 28, 2010  – Brod. Boyet daughter’s celebrate  its 1st Birthday was held at his residence at  Blk713 Woodsland Drive 70 #10-75 near Mrt Admiralty Station. The Party starts at 4:00pm   onwards all are invited.




JULY 03, 2011 – SAE Singapore Alumni went to the island of Batam, Indonesia for a survey trip for a possible Charity program for the less fortunate children. Miles distance away from Singapore to Indonesia but theres no way to hender the heart of the Epsilonians to help the children who are in needs. SAE Singapore Alumni are eager to support the children ambitions beyond their highest dream. The Program was led by Brod. Jhune and Brod. Matt which is assisted by Brod. Amiel. The event was successfully organized with help and guided by Mr. Robin who is the legal negotiator and translator between SAE and the School Officials in Batam during the discussion with the school staff.

We Congratulates to all SAE members who shared their time and effort for their participation during the big event in Batam, Indonesia.

The Attendes are: Brods. Jhune Heso , Amiel  Borbon, Matt Sardua, Chester Abong, Victor Andales & Domz Silvio. The Sisters are Sis. Ofelia Gayo, Shiela Marie Castro & Marife Gicole.


The Principal, School Teachers and the Staff members together with the presence of SAE Singapore Alumni

The Entrance view of the Pre-Nursery School in Batam, Indonesia. Taken during the SAE Singapore Alumni first visit for the Charity mission program in the territory.

SAE Singapore Alumni are on their way to Batam, Indonesia. Photograph by Brod. Jhune