Brod. Alvin – Alpha Theta chapter (from rightside)


Brod Jhun Mantua-Sigma Chapter

Brod Niel Ocho -Alpha Chapter

Brod Popoy Guillermo-Kappa Chapter






Billy Neal – SAE-USA and Domz Silvio – SAE-PHIL

Brod. Elbert Himongala – Alpha Rho Chapter 2000

Brod. CARLO from XI-ALPHA Chapater (Feb. 26, 2011)


Brod. Noel of SAE Hongkong with SAE Singapore

Brod. Noel of SAE Hongkong withe cute SAE Singapore

Brod. Noel Gallego from SAE Hongkong Alumni Chapter visit Singapore for Business and F1 Race Trip with SAE Singapore last September 24, 2011